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The spinning plant is located at Silvassa about 200 kms away from Mumbai. The corporate office & marketing head office is located in Mumbai.

The plant is comprising of 31,000 spindles. We are planning for further expansion of 10,000 spindles in near future in the same plant.

The plant is employing around 700 employees. We are manufacturing around 7500 tons of yarn per annum.


Sr.No Machine Description Machine Make Country of Make
1 Blowroom Lakshmi Reiter India
2 Carding Lakshmi Reiter India
3 Drawframe Lakshmi Reiter India
4 Simplex Lakshmi Reiter India
5 Ringframe Lakshmi Reiter India
6 Winding Schlafhorst Saurer 338 (Autoconer) Germany
7 Twisting Vijaylakshmi India